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Peter Jones
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Peter Jones A good balance between looking back through the history of the genre and making their own space within in, Zookeeper's Palace have produced another small gem here. Favorite track: Liquid Hands.
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released August 12, 2016


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Zookeeper's Palace Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Torchbearer
runnin’ to find a way out, i can't stay the same
i'll resculpt my layout from this mold i've made
(set and cure, casting pure)
feeding the flame control

an old divide has grown inside far too much to be ignored
keeping me unsatisfied, seeking spaces unexplored

my life’s a shadow of every choice i've made
i’ll open the window, watch it shine right through my hands

meant to choose a better way
gave up what was prearranged
while barely making the cut
hard to move with these restraints
formed from my amassed mistakes
that led me right to the cusp
lost the blues but found the gray
scars will prove when I'm betrayed
has my control been crushed?

there’s only so much one can take
before they’re forced to disengage
but if we keep pushing past the point we break
there’s no telling where we'll go, as long as it’s not here

give me what i really want!
this future needs my torch to light the way

my light is shattered and the day is running out
i’ll make something that matters when i burn through all my doubt
Track Name: Visionary
i would never go astray, i can’t ever hide away
i would never just obey the rules that keep us all within our space
i can't keep whatever's mine if i never draw the line
i don't ever want to serve the sentence when i haven't done the crime

can't believe i've hit the wall, never slowed into a crawl
i didn't ever know it all when all I knew was never what I saw
i won’t make a new excuse, it’ll only tighten up the noose
i can only take a chance to wake the words that make these mountains move

make this vision come to life while never really having tried
face the fear of failing just to stand in line

i am boxed away, this past still digs me deeper
i cling onto hope and somehow missed the reaper

no chance to rewind
when it’s been so long that i’ve been dead inside and trapped within this hell
make me come alive
help me find the strength to carry on we bury deep within ourselves

should have lifted me up but still dragging me down
‘cause i needed as much as all i've never found

i am boxed away, this past still digs me deeper
i cling onto hope and somehow missed the reaper

make this vision come to life
indecision can’t survive
make this vision
Track Name: Rain Dance
make a wish become your strategy
stay the course or face catastrophe
use your charm to hide the unprepared
lose your doubt or say another prayer

bring me the success of my intentions multiplied
never going to rest until i've unleashed what's inside
send a new wave flooding out to help me to persuade
let us feel it overpouring into what i've made

where do we hide, where do we run to? where will we go, what will we find?
forsaking time to lead the pursuit, caught between worlds we’re misaligned
set to collide while staying unmoved, ready to go, ready to fight
help fortify the seeds to take root, make our advances multiply
Track Name: Liquid Hands
as i glance back to reflect on a path that's been carved
it seems to make more sense now than before my discontent
i'd rather not stay stranded here eventually to starve
when i could keep on moving towards the unknown endlessness

a veil across the air, the sky begins to wake then tear
black clouds crawling in, clashing from within
releasing hopes they’ve undermined

the waves begin pouring
is this a new warning
coming to wash us away?

the tempest taunts and turns as the world grows but never learns
the sun is in disguise, seeming to imply it will never rise

the waves begin pouring
is this a new warning
coming to take us and drown us under
coming to wash us away?

can't live without any small decision if
it amounts to taking what we face and leaving us afraid
the waves surround as the walls begin to give
it's about to break and lose its shape
carry us away
Track Name: Floodgates
the fog is steaming up my lens
and i’m resigning to surrender all i’ve sworn
keep trying to breathe in on command
so i can redefine what helped this to take form

whatever happens not to go my way
when i still keep on planting promises decayed, will i melt?

wait, i’m doing this all wrong
i’m overwhelmed with false reflections i can never reach
if i don’t swim the weight will bring me down
and keep descending past redemption in the breaking undertow

get what i deserve, when plans are betrayed
i won't be deterred, i won't take the wrong way out

run away, far away if you feel the urge
the storm is brave and feeds the pain of all your wasted courage
can't face your own grave if you are submerged
make your focus ricochet into a deeper thirst

wait, i knew it all along
i’m fighting with a preconception wrapped in fallacy
i won't cave against the crashing sounds
then lose contentment with myself to awaken all I know

losing to my needs is just like going through withdrawal
we're better having never started anything at all
the weight of living dreams exceeds far past what i foresaw
increasing ever faster as it overtakes control
Track Name: Setting Off Sirens
sifting through pieces with nothing left to discover
the hardest part is forgetting what will always stay the same
forgive what's been nailed down, no more controlling cover
let's put an end to regretting and watch this wash away

walk through walls of waves, watch me fall out
lost the grip that saves, my tomorrow
rescue me from rain, i surrender
help me find my way through the weather

save me now, i’m upside down
left above a far climb but right beneath the landslide

get me to the other side on your back
don't let me misguide you, i want you to navigate
and keep us on the right track
...without a path ahead to follow...
but i don't want to backtrack, i want to leave the past for history
i’m looking for a comeback but i can’t get a guarantee that i’m not going to crack

a faulty wire set me on fire
can’t put the flame out, i need another way out
pull me through and change my view
bring me to your side, show me how i can get to you

show me the way, i’ll follow you
save me

i want you to save me by spending all you’ve got
i want you to turn me into something i’m not
i want you to drain me, bring me back to start
i want you to break me before i come apart
Track Name: Deliquesce - i. Hydra
my skin’s alive, telling me I’m out of place
i can feel its cold, i’ve stepped into a deeper space
i already know it, i’ve gone beyond and sparked the chase
i can feel it now, shadow is stepping out beneath the waves
i's coming for me

i'll sever the urge that's rotting away
eroding the trust with lies we say, knowing we’ll never arrive

something's not right, i'm headed down to darker days
i'm just growing old, i still can’t find an easy way to stop overflowing,
to bide my time and mind my haste

will i ever emerge from sinking away?
will they remember my name?
how do you plan to survive? are you still feeling alive?
no i'll never stop, still running the maze
forcing the fame before my grave

seeking my way out
seeming that i can’t find the trail
fought off but weighed down
feeling the monster on my tail
caught on the way down
feeding on me as i fall apart
sawed off my way out
seeking escape to awake my heart

i’m still feeling alive and i still want to survive
Track Name: Deliquesce - ii. Castaway
our paths are prearranged in our own minds
i never should have thought that'd i get anywhere but right where i began
so you can take it away,
i've fought enough to know that i don't want a war
and you can redefine what you’ve intertwined when you cast away
led astray, cast away

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