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Red Sky Ruminations

by Zookeeper's Palace

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Peter Jones
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Peter Jones Some albums have a single defining flavour. Here, it's hard -- and probably useless -- to say there's a common flavour to the tracks. What drew me in was a Yes / King Crimson feel. There's also a lot of heavier rock in there, too. And more. It's varied and interesting - both through the album and within tracks.

Despite that, or possibly because of it, it keeps the attention, making you want to listen to each track. Favorite track: Leaving You Lying Here.
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when the feeling’s warm and right i’m sure we’ll dance we’ll dance right into dusk til the dead come alive when the break of daylight strikes it’ll hit us and we’ll know the journey’s start’s here we’ll know the journey’s end’s here i will surely float out of my mind up into the sky i will surely flow out of my mind
four scores and seven years you hid your fears we broke today slipped down behind the tiers i hid my fears we paved the way run down but almost there grounded by the air running in the open night closer to the open light running in the open night closer to the ultimate flight i’ve been running around my world strangers calling and i’ve been told “fortune favors the brash and bold” want to be more than me i can’t fight it i’m beginning to understand some things happen that we don’t plan i never wanted to miss my chance is this the end? truth begins to rise reaching through the lies i’m ready to get high higher and higher bound and broken down get me off the ground reaching up to be higher and higher
you’re tying me in knots threading through my thoughts we owned the world wished it away where are the reins now? thought time would never pass we pulled apart too fast then grew alone to hide stealing the way back to know we’re closer running away from the full disclosure we fought but killed our chance our dead hand of the past had to escape needed a way want to be safe now found out you meant so much when we fell out of touch you never told me why we’ll burn together now the sun won’t fade we’ll never age we’ll burn forever with the plans we made with hell to pay never knew so much could change tell me do you think we’re meant to always stay the same
i lost count of where i could’ve been i stayed out when i should have crawled back in i fell back ‘cause i needed thicker skin and shut down just to start it up again i don’t know how i would’ve known it takes another to call it home whatever things we’ve gathered around us won’t matter if we’re never there i’d act out but always would pretend that we’d live forever in the end you always wanted me to be someone who always would agree to everything that you ever wanted but never thinking what i need return to where we would’ve been unearth the source of our chagrin can’t fool me into thinking you’re blameless when we’re both at fault for not letting go waves divide us raise the tide up know corrosion takes my life tongue’s still tied up seal those eyes shut all your weight left on my wings sinks me down like concrete veins no corrosion takes my life lost aversion to the light tongue’s still tied up seal those eyes shut all your weight left on my wings brings me down to what’s still real make believe til I can feel
Stop Signs 05:01
stop signs in all the wrong places here i go here i go on the same road again gridlocked but keep on moving here i go here i go i’ll haul on empty days all filled with the thrill of not knowing why we’re locked up weary eyed getting by they can’t seem to move or make up their minds here i go again i know i’ve been here before you showed me i cant remember the way it felt to find a new way out again, somewhere i’ve never been the closer we get to reaching our exit the farther we get from knowing where we’ll go never reach the end steady flow begin the noise has calmed to a roar my pedal’s pressed into the floor but i’m still stalling falling far behind i’ll never reach the end i’ve been on fumes for miles but if i stay here for a while then i’ll be stranded standing here waiting for you to come stop signs in all the wrong places stop signs in all the wrong places stop lies they’ll never replace trust stop trying to slowly erase us stop signs in all the wrong places here i go again
our walls won’t forget these dreams all lost all along the frames were empty we pictured perfect so wrong sometimes it drags my body under each breath i know it might be over if time can pull my mind together long enough to know what here’s worth forgetting sometimes i feel the mounting pressure weighed down it’s more than i can take meanwhile i’m steady treading water in your wake i’m sinking deeper in this never should’ve been our walls won’t forget these dreams all lost all along the frames were empty can’t remember you so long drop down beneath the guise of growing doubt without you i’m sinking in the shallow end reverse the flow unsatisfied with what I hold i’m wishing we had never been i’ll drown in hope but petrified of what’s to come if i ever see you again
falling out fear of what may be or are we scared what happens next? feel it break me I see what this is doing to you watch it take me rising up to this down but never missed leave again tore down everything left me wondering i can’t remember how we ever got this far now we’re sinking in slowly descending and i’ve got no one left to save me i wonder why if we go back now i wouldn’t change it another time is all it takes who knew the price that we would pay? our world collapsed under the weight we outgrew the games we used to play we knew the prize was ours to take but unclaimed it’s gone like all our days we’ll make do with nothing left to gain
man is eroding without ever knowing the key while the sky crumbles everyone wants to be free school of lying they’re giving up trying but hey we’ll escape all in vessels cast out to the sea hey it’s your life but you’re drowning in all of the same mistakes set a course for the path of benevolence or watch your life ending everyone knows but me make a choice to oppose this malevolent force all these false teachings hey it’s your life but you’re drowning in all of the same mistakes find your own way ‘cause it’s moments like these when we are made hey it’s your life but you should’ve been standing for what you believe all these words that we’ve spoken are only worth what they change we’ll live on knowing moments like these are the end
cut down a heart attack we’ll find our own way back we’ve learned every name and hear them every day we act without the truth so i’m here reminding you no matter who we know we’re headed down below wish you could feel it too help me to hell with you the murder left the crow alone til tomorrow this is the final heart attack this is our last way out not gonna climb up on my back when i can’t even see myself this is the fatal medicine i’m not going to stop it now i’m not gonna let the wrong one in but i don’t wanna be alone we’ll get back i wanted to see it for myself i needed to be somebody else we’ve learned every name a thousand faces all the same i couldn’t have been more wrong was already right where i belonged we act without the truth a million shattered points of view i should have turned back long ago wondering what have i become? this is the final heart attack this is our last way out outcome’s the same on a different path gotta find a way out this is a fatal medicine i’m not going to stop it now don’t wanna ask the wrong question i don’t wanna be alone
cut the noise and fill the void in stop believing a lie our world's been poisoned destroyed when you went a left me behind i heard you say that you were leaving again i thought you said that we could fix this in time tell me again what i mean to you show me again what's your point of view? i don't understand what you're doing to me and i tried to believe you i thought you'd be here til the end but now you've shown me the real you by lying and leaving you're leaving me lying here if you come 'round won't be waitin if you turn back don't expect to find me forgetting you won't find me at all i was expecting something different this time because you're everything i need i never got a chance to tell you goodbye i know you won't ever say it to me you won't find me leaving you lying here
countdown slows my mind lets go i’m slipping as i climb no ground beneath my feet when the weight of our world ends i will surely float out of the sky back into line i will surely flow out of the sky
there’s no escape i’ll bring the same another’s world to crush there’ll come a day i’ll bear your fate are we all just bound to dust? moonlight over me reveals what i’ve been hiding won’t lose what i can’t find i’ve already made my mind lost sight of all my needs all my wants expired just pull me off this ride and let the fear of nothingness subside no giving in to weightlessness i’ve got to learn to stand if i’m burning in the atmosphere or sinking in the sand couldn’t find a way to wake from sleep your warning and fell out of frame set living in silence since last hopes were emptied you brought me right to this edge you never thought i would follow and jump into the descent malfunction in my parachute i need a way to land there’s a part of you still raising me without your absent hand


Enter the mind musing, cosmic trip of Red Sky Ruminations: the audacious debut release by Zookeeper's Palace. This jungle opus skirts the lines of life and death, love and loss, and everything in between. Red Sky Ruminations is a primal and very human blend of the band's progressive yet accessible signature percussive-rock sound.



released November 17, 2012

Recorded from January to October 2012 in Los Angeles.


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Zookeeper's Palace Los Angeles, California

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